Welcome to the Future of Wound Care

Step from the Past..

We have been dressing wounds the same way for thousands of years. Gauze bandages are frequently changed to inspect the wound and reapply medicine. Removing the bandage disrupts the wound.

The ancient Egyptians were the first civilization to have trained clinicians to treat physical aliments. Medical papyri, such as the Edwin Smith papyrus (circa 1600 BCE) and the Ebers papyrus (circa 1534 BCE), provided detailed information of management of disease, including wound management with the application of various potions and grease to assist healing. 1

Into the Future

In 10 years, the notion of treating a patient with a bandage you cannot see through or removing the bandage to deliver medications will be outdated.

The future of wound care is the Clearikon Touchless Transparent Bandage.

We are changing the way the world treats wounds. Our patented Clearikon Touchless Transparent Bandage™ System (Clearikon Bandage) will lower the cost of care, reduce infections, and improve patient quality of care.

In the future, a nurse will change the Clearikon Bandage in minutes reducing patient exposure to MRSA and other Healthcare-Acquired Infections. 

A nurse can do the following without removing the bandage:

The Clearikon Bandage will provide significant labor savings while reducing the risk of infection.

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